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Oversized Sockets and Switches

Oversized Sockets and Switches

There are a wide variety of oversized sockets and switches available in our ranges of electrical accessories. All of these plates are available as complete ranges of sockets, switches, dimmers, toggles, USB chargers and other electrical accessories. 

Why Use Oversized Sockets and Switches

There are two main reasons to use oversized electrical plates. 

To cover up damage surrounding current electrical plates

There is often minor decorative damage when replacing or repairing electrical sockets and switches. While is is normally superficial damage, the repair can be complicated. These plates are often in plain sight and sometimes the only other alternative is to redecorate, often the whole room. Replacing the plates with a slightly bigger plate is a simple solution. 

With the subtlety of good design this is not obvious when fitted - it looks like a style choice, and often just a little extra size is all that's needed to hide the damage. 

To choose a more decorative range

While flat plate and standard raise plates don't have to be plain or boring, we have plenty of interesting and unusual ranges to choose from in our flat and Contour ranges, you do get to add more detail to a larger plate. As the plates are wider and higher it is possible to add detail, like a stepped edge in the Trimline or Victorian plate, or the roped-edged finish available in the Monarch or Georgian ranges. 

You don't have to go do this style, we also have the plain oversized Spectrum ranges, or the Deco range which as the same size, just with a little more detail to the edges.