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What is a Grid Switch?

What is a Grid Switch?

A grid switch is a modular switch that gives you the ability to mix and match different rocker switches to create the perfect combination of switches for either lighting circuits or 20 amp switches. You can use a modular switch in a lighting circuit or a ring mains, but you cannot mix the two together. You must keep the 6 amp circuit and the 13 amp circuit (where you use 20 amp double pole switches) separate. 

What is the Purpose of a Grid Switch?

A grid switch is designed to give you flexibility in either a lighting circuit or mains circuit (but you must not mix both). It is designed to either mix two way and intermediate switches on a lighting circuit, or to bank a set of 20 amp DP switches, usually engraved, together for convenient access. 

What is a Lighting Grid Switch?

A lighting grid switch is a modular switch that is used to give the exact required grouping of two way and intermediate switches on one plate. This is usually required where there are a number of different switches controlling different lighting circuits. Particularly in hallways and landings in a house. What is an intermediate switch? Read our article for more details. 

What is a Kitchen Grid Switch?

A kitchen grid switch is a modular switch plate that can be used to create a combination of 20 amp double pole switches on one plate. These are sometime plain grid switches, but in a kitchen are often created using engraved switches. The engraving on each switch depicts the associated circuit, for instance the hob, fridge, freezer etc. By switching this DP switch off it isolates both the live and neutral for the associated appliance. These are particularly useful as a safety feature when appliances are fitted under the worktop, and accessing the electrics can be difficult. Using the DP switch, fitted above the worktop, gives a sage way of isolating power to the appliance before accessing the appliance. 

What is a Toggle Grid Switch? 

A toggle grid switch is the same as a rocker switch on a lighting circuit, only it has a toggle, or dolly switch. This is used in a 6 amp lighting circuit. We have both two way toggle switches and intermediate toggle switches available, so by using a combination of these it is possible to create a specific plate for your lighting circuit. 

What is a Grid Module?

Are Grid Switches Interchangeable? 

Yes, the grid switches within a grid plate are not permanently attached to the plate. Instead the are attached to a metal plate, called a yolk, that is fixed to the front grid plate with two screws. Due to this, the 2 gang switch has screws at the top and bottom of the plate, unlike traditional plates that have them each side of the switch. 

What is a Grid Module?

Grid modules are the actual switches that are attached to the grid plates. These modules are either 10 amp switch modules, for use in a 6 amp lighting circuit, or 20 amp double pole (DP) switches, for use on a ring mains circuit. 

What is the Difference Between a Grid Switch and a Normal Switch?

A normal switch has the switch itself fixed to the plate, normally riveted into place. The switch is usually a moulded switch, or switches, fixed to the front plate. A grid switch has a separate grid plate to the switches. The switches are clipped into plate using a yolk that is then fixed to the front plate. As a result they can be swapped for different combinations of switches.

Do You Sell Grid Switches?

Yes, we have a comprehensive range of grid switches, grid modules and toggle grids. Please click on each link below to get more details of the specific ranges, or click on each section of our main sockets and switches catalogue to see the grids within each range. Almost every range we sell have matching grid switches and grid toggles available to match.